Doula Care:

There are many ways I can provide support and comfort to you and for your people. Below are some options to consider as you imagine what your wishes are in this time.

We’ll always start with an initial connection session to provide us the opportunity to connect and ensure that we feel at ease and comfortable together. Imagine 15 – 30 minutes of conversation via phone, in-person or virtually online.

If you decide you’d like my support and guidance as you, or a loved one, begins or is progressing along their end-of-life journey, this session is where we create an individual care plan. I will walk you and your caregivers through the support I provide, what you can expect from me and how my support may evolve as changes in health occur.

I will support you as you explore, identify, document, communicate and set your own intentions for your end-of-life care. Through guided, empowering conversations about you – your memories, feelings, relationships, thoughts, and wishes – you will discover What Matters Most To You, and your vision of a Care Plan will be created.

Companionship is time. Time when I will simply be present for you, supporting you and sharing space with you as best serves you.

A Legacy Project is creating how your people will remember and celebrate your impact on and presence in their lives. This may be letters, artwork, scheduled conversations / time together, mementos, photos, a living wake, group rituals or video / audio recordings.  Whether you know what that looks like, or are open to ideas, together we will ensure your legacy project is planned, created, and shared as you imagine.

Holding vigil & caring attendance during the last days of life is a time when I will be present at your bedside – witnessing your final hours quietly and with peaceful energy – supporting and fulfilling the wishes or plans you may have thoughtfully and purposefully created. My presence will be in coordination with your chosen caregivers.

Imagine how affirming and supportive gifting the services of an end-of-life doula would be to your loved-one, friend, neighbor or colleague and their chosen caregivers. A doula provides consistent, holistic, non-medical support compassionately and with caring intention for those most intimately impacted in this situation.

Conscious Acts of Love is a non-medical organization, and we do not dispense or endorse any medical advice.