About Billie Jo

Death Doula, End-of-Life Support, Conscious Dying Coach and Educator, Grief Tender, Volunteer

“You matter because you are you, and you matter to the last moment of your life” – Dame Cicely Saunders

My experience with death was the same as many others… we are, in essence, a death-less society – we refuse to notice it, to witness it in our lives, and to hold and honor it with sacred and gentle esteem.

For many of us, if we imagine our end-of-life journey at all, we probably hope it will take place in our home, with our people close by, our comforts within reach, and our fears and anxieties lessened by the familiar. In reality, it is most often experienced in a medical setting without the hoped-for comforts of being in our own space, making our own choices, and attending to the sacred journey that is taking place. When we reach that inevitable hour of our life’s journey and discover we have chosen to “hope for the best”, or rely upon chance rather than our wisdom and knowledge of our wishes, we may find our decisions are constrained or influenced by misguided best intentions that are not our own.

I am called to this work through my love for and connection to my family, friends, and community, and my recognition of our collective need to talk about death and dying with less fear and more openness, curiosity, and grace. 

I believe that through conversations about death and thoughtfully contemplating how we would like our End-of-Life journeys to unfold, we begin to live our lives more consciously and with intention every day. 

I am an advocate for my clients so they may make informed and thoughtful decisions, and take actions that will empower them throughout their end-of-life journey. I partner with medical care support teams and other chosen caregivers to provide non-medical support so my clients may center their minds and energy where it is most meaningful for them. I offer my time and my presence. I am a witness, holding dignity and sacredness in this space for death to unfold as it’s intended.

For generations, Death Doulas have been caring for the dying and yet it is seen as a new and evolving role in our communities today. Though there is no national accreditation at this time, death doulas and coaches work together to define our role and guide each other in our practice.

I have been guided, empowered and held in this work through:

I encourage you to choose an End-of-Life Doula / Coach based on comfort and connection, and I promise to meet you where you are authentically, openly, and with lovingkindness. It is my privilege to be of service in this space, in this time, as you begin your walk beside death.

“Adults who are racked with death anxiety are not rare birds who have contracted some exotic disease but men and women whose family and culture have failed to knit the proper protective clothing for them to withstand the icy chill of mortality..”
Irvin D. Yalom

More About Who I am...

I grew up in small-town North Dakota, lived decades in the vibrant Pacific Northwest, and our family has recently made Oro Valley, Arizona our home. I  am available to assist clients in-person throughout the Greater Tucson area as well as Anywhere virtually through video conferencing platforms. 

I am a wife, stepmom, dog-mom, daughter, sister, friend, and neighbor. You’ll most often find me outside, soaking up the sunshine and warmth of our new neighborhood.

Conscious Acts of Love is a consulting organization for end-of-life support and is in no way considered a funeral establishment. Any contributions received by Conscious Acts of Love are for requested consulting service and private or public education.