What is an End of Life Doula?

Death Doulas are non-medical, trained professionals who provide spiritual, emotional, physical, and practical support for dying people, their loved ones, and their chosen caregivers as they prepare for and navigate through their end-of-life.

You may have heard other names for this kind of comfort care – Soul Midwife, Community Death Care Advocate, Death-walker, End Of Life Coach, or Dying Guide. Regardless of the name, we are members of your community who come around you, who honor your wishes, and give you comfort as you near your transition. This is often a time when those closest to you may be overwhelmed with apprehension of loss and grief, and they may struggle to be present during this part of life. A Death Doula helps to fill the “care gap” between medical teams and your chosen caregivers by providing comfort and compassionate care to you and to everyone who is walking this journey with you. We bear witness to the sacredness of death, and with dignity, trust in the death process as it uniquely unfolds for you.

End of Life Doulas Are:

Who would a Death Doula support?

As your Death Doula, I will be your advocate, and together we will determine how I may support you as your body transitions from life to death.

 I offer my time and my steady presence; compassionate and loving support – physically, emotionally, and spiritually; and caring, focused conversations to empower you to make conscious decisions regarding your end-of-life wishes. I will also partner with your care support teams (medical, Hospice, and palliative care), spiritual attendants, and other chosen caregivers to provide non-medical support for you and your people so you may center your mind and energy where it is most meaningful for you.

My focus is you. I will honor your wishes, provide clarity and comfort, and be beside you through your journey.

“At the end of life, when there is no more curing, there can still be healing...”
Barbara Karnes, RN
Conscious Acts of Love is a consulting organization for end-of-life support and is in no way considered a funeral establishment. Any contributions received by Conscious Acts of Love are for requested consulting service and private or public education.