End-Of-Life Planning & Education:

Offered 1:1 or as Group Sessions

Some of the topics we cover when creating a Life Care Plan:

When thoughts of our mortality sneak up on us, we’re more likely to push them aside then let them in and see where they take us.

I’d like to challenge you to think into your mortality, be curious about it and how it might unfold for you and for your people.

I provide the same Life Care Planning for groups of 2 – 8 participants. Through multiple sessions, and utilizing a series of reflection questions in the Five Realms of Life, you will identify What Matters Most To You

A Legacy Project is creating how your people will remember and celebrate your impact on and presence in their lives. This may be letters, artwork, scheduled conversations / time together, mementos, photos, a living wake, group rituals or video / audio recordings.  Whether you know what that looks like, or are open to ideas, together we will ensure your legacy project is planned, created, and shared as you imagine.

Is there someone whom you know would find these sessions to be empowering or enlightening or simply helpful as they navigate wherever they are in their life, and in their thoughts about (or no thoughts about) what their end-of-life care plan would look like?

Conscious Acts of Love is a non-medical organization, and we do not dispense or endorse any medical advice.