When someone we know receives a life-changing diagnosis – whether their own, a loved one or even a beloved pet – it can be challenging, even a bit stymying, to determine how best to provide support during what is likely an incredibly difficult and frightening time in their lives. Delivering a meal, running errands, providing […]

Bedside Vigil & After Death Attendance

Holding vigil & caring attendance during the last days of life is a time when I will be present at the bedside – alongside your chosen caregivers – witnessing final hours quietly and with peaceful energy, supporting and fulfilling the wishes and plans thoughtfully and purposefully created. A Vigil plan is a kind and loving […]

Companionship & Respite

Companionship is time. Time when I will simply be present, providing support and holding space as best serves you and your caregivers.  It could look like: Really, this is time where we set the expectations and ensure our time together is what you need it to be. This time may also provide respite for your […]

Crisis Support

We know that even the most carefully crafted plans must be made with grace for change – we simply aren’t certain how our bodies will labor through this time. If this happens, it can be difficult for our people to pivot and amidst apprehension and grief, know how to meet a new and unplanned challenge. In this too, I […]

Discovery Session

If you decide you’d like my support and guidance as you, or a loved one, begins or is progressing along their end-of-life journey, this session is where we create an individual care plan. I will walk you and your caregivers through the support I provide, what you can expect from me and how my support […]

Initial Connection

We’ll always start with an initial connection session to provide us the opportunity to connect and ensure that we feel at ease and comfortable together. Imagine 15 – 30 minutes of conversation via phone or virtually online. I will inquire about your current situation, or that of your loved one, and what services you are considering as well as any other […]