When someone we know receives a life-changing diagnosis – whether their own, a loved one or even a beloved pet – it can be challenging, even a bit stymying, to determine how best to provide support during what is likely an incredibly difficult and frightening time in their lives. Delivering a meal, running errands, providing […]

Vigil & After Death Attendance

Holding vigil & caring attendance during the last days of life is a time when I will be present at your bedside – witnessing your final hours quietly and with peaceful energy – supporting and fulfilling the wishes or plans you may have thoughtfully and purposefully created. My presence will be in coordination with your […]

Legacy Project Planning/Creation

A Legacy Project is creating how your people will remember and celebrate your impact on and presence in their lives. This may be letters, artwork, scheduled conversations / time together, mementos, photos, a living wake, group rituals or video / audio recordings.  Whether you know what that looks like, or are open to ideas, together […]

Companionship & Respite

Companionship is time. Time when I will simply be present for you, supporting you and sharing space with you as best serves you.  It could look like: Really, this is time where we set the expectations together and to ensure our time together is what you need it to be. This time may also provide […]

End-of-Life Care Planning

I will support you as you explore, identify, document, communicate and set your own intentions for your end-of-life care. Through guided, empowering conversations about you – your memories, feelings, relationships, thoughts, and wishes – you will discover What Matters Most To You, and your vision of a Care Plan will be created.  This may include: 

Discovery Session

If you decide you’d like my support and guidance as you, or a loved one, begins or is progressing along their end-of-life journey, this session is where we create an individual care plan. I will walk you and your caregivers through the support I provide, what you can expect from me and how my support […]

Initial Connection Session

We’ll always start with an initial connection session to provide us the opportunity to connect and ensure that we feel at ease and comfortable together. Imagine 15 – 30 minutes of conversation via phone, in-person or virtually online. I will inquire about your current situation and what services you are considering as well as any other significant information you’d like to share […]