VSED Resources Northwest

Voluntary Stopping Eating & Drinking, or VSED, is an end-of-life choice that is legally available in every state.


VSED Resources Northwest is the foremost source for providing relevant information for anyone who would like to learn about or increase their knowledge of VSED (vee-sed). They also provide counsel, connection and assistance in providing care for anyone who would like to explore this option. No matter where you are, they will partner with you to find care and resources to aid you as you determine if VSED would provide you, or your loved one, a choice for end-of-life.

As a death doula available for VSED care, know that I will walk beside you as you go through your discovery process and will be your in-person resource in creating your care plan as you consider, or prepare for, VSED.

The role of a death doula in supporting VSED is as non-medical coordinator, client advocate, care team supporter and peaceful companion who will be by your side from the beginning, through the dying process and for your chosen after-death care.