Is there someone whom you know would find these sessions to be empowering or enlightening or simply helpful as they navigate wherever they are in their life, and in their thoughts about (or no thoughts about) what their end-of-life care plan would look like?  These sessions, both 1:1 or in a group setting, may be […]

End-Of-Life Group Coaching

The premise of group coaching is similar to 1:1 sessions with a group of 2 – 8 participants. The classes are interactive and include videos, readings, visualizations, guided discussion and general sharing of thoughts & ideas. This is a brave space where each person participating will be honored and held with compassion and kindness.  At […]

End-Of-Life 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Through multiple sessions, and utilizing a series of reflection questions in the Five Realms of Life, you will identify What Matters Most To You… Your end-of-life priorities, current reality and action steps to create a Care Plan that encompasses the emotional, spiritual, life legacy, physical and practical realms. This is not an advance directive, it’s […]