Pet Death Support

Our bonds are profound in their depth, their strength. They are unconditionally faithful, loyal and loving; and amazingly resilient to our humanness. If you know, you know. 

Anticipatory loss of that connection, that source of comfort, the daily ritual of care creates deep and often unrecognized grief for those of us who share our lives with pets. Our minds understand that now, as always, being present for them, seeing where they are clearly and choosing wisely on their behalf is the agreement we have with them in this life. Our hearts, though, and the kind of love we share with them, may increase our indecision and doubt about treatment options and timing.

As your pet’s doula, I will show you tools to provide agency for your pet and for yourself as decisions and timing around care options and quality of life become necessary. I will be your sounding board as you determine your needs and the needs of your pet throughout their end-of-life process. 

This may include:

  • Respite for you. When our pet friends are ill, they often require increased time and attention. This will allow you time to recharge – go for a walk, see a movie, take a nap, run errands, whatever you need – all while knowing your pet is not alone.
  • Companionship for pets and people. I will listen, support and care for your pet and their circle of love as treatment options and decision-making is happening.
  • Conversations about the hard things… hope, denial, feeling of overwhelm, what’s possible, how to prepare for what’s next.
  • Communicating with your pet energetically and verbally about decisions you’re making, and asking for agreement.
  • Before and After death planning, if you have time to plan…  how to know when, who will be present, where will you be, how will it flow.
  • Ritual and remembrance –  making meaning, creating an event, honoring the connection and loss, including others.

Pet health situations often arise quickly and with little warning, and sometimes we’re faced with an unexpected pet death. Don’t hesitate to contact me even if the timing feels rushed or immediate. I am here for you and for your pet.

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