Podcasts & Talks

More to Dying than Meets the Eye

Martha Atkins

Have you ever imagined that when it’s time to leave this world, we may not be alone on the journey? What if those whom we love, whom we have lost, are there to welcome us and accompany us through our transition. Is it real? As Martha says, “It doesn’t matter”… Whatever it is, if it means we experience less fear in this realm of life, it’s real.

all there is

Anderson Cooper

This is a podcast about grief. We all walk with it in our lives, and sometimes hearing stories from people we “know” creates a feeling of belonging and companionship rather than the isolation that grief seems to manifest in our world today. Anderson Cooper knows loss, and these conversations encourage all of us to see life with loss… Life filled with love, and living.

Rainbow Bridge Connection – Pet loss and grief support


Our pets are family, and when they die we are often left feeling lost ourselves, especially in a society that is just beginning to realize the true grief we feel when we lose them. This podcast is one of sharing lived-experiences and broad perspectives around pet death through pet-centric stories and interviews with animal-related organizations and charities.

Aging, Angst & Alleluias

Mary Anne Oglesby-Sutherly

We are all aging, walking the path to becoming older adults. Learning to love and care for the older adults in our communities today is the focus of this podcast about aging and specifically, living in the presence of dementia lovingly and with kindness.

Best Life Best Death podcast

Diane Hullet

Diane Hullet, Conscious Dying End-of-Life Coach & Educator, guides listeners into “conversations about mortality… life, death and what matters most.”

For about 30 minutes each week, The Best Life Best Death podcast answers the questions most people decide to avoid. Thinking about our mortality, or the mortality of people we care about, is actually a bold and powerful reclamation of a reality that we have been conditioned to ignore. Diane covers topics such as end-of-life care planning, after-death options, medical aid in dying & VSED and how to walk with grief… And SO MUCH MORE. This is a podcast intended to inform with clarity and even a few laughs, all the wide variety of topics to consider when we contemplate our mortality, and turn more fully to living.

When You Die – “It’s Your Funeral w/ Kathy Benjamin”

Johanna Lunn

For most of us, our own funeral is an afterthought or, even worse, something we avoid thinking about altogether. For Kathy Benjamin, the very thought of her own impending death brought on crippling fear. So she decided the best way to remedy that was to deal with it the best way she knew how. By writing something funny.