The Last Ecstatic Days

This movie is about love. The love Ethan Sisser held for the whole world.

This is a story of a man who wanted more than anything to show the world that dying as part of a village, with the love and care and support we were all meant to have during this time, can become an unexpected journey where grief is held by community and fear has been left behind.


A film by Tim Wilson

Stephen Jenkinson is, for me, the voice of our collective ancestors telling us to listen up… Time is not on our side. We must get ourselves back to harmony with the truth that is life. Death is part of that truth. Grief is an awakening – to love. The harder we love, the more fully we live. And isn’t that the whole point?


Imagine walking alongside an ICU doctor and witnessing the end-of-life decisions that patients and their people sometimes have to make in times of distress and how those decisions impact everyone who is part of this experience. This short and impactful film is a powerful example of how understanding what your end-of-life options look like and why talking to your people – family, friends, doctors – about your end-of-life wishes is immensely important.
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