Aquamation is legal in Arizona though today is only available for our beloved pets.

Aquamation—also known as alkaline hydrolysis —is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cremation. It’s a gentle, water-based process that changes the remains of our people and our pets to dust/ash, which are then returned to the chosen loved-one. It’s similar to what would happen naturally though much faster and in a controlled setting.

Though it’s not an option that’s available in our local communities today, it is possible to access providers in New Mexico, California, Utah and Colorado. Most of us don’t realize how damaging traditional methods of burial are to the earth. Compared to traditional cremation, aquamation releases 1/3 less greenhouse gases and utilizes only 1/7 of the energy. Check out this website for more information, and send me a note if you have questions or for assistance in finding a provider that’s accessible for you or a loved one.